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Yup, it’s Chris

Hi, I’m Chris Bacarella, a professional photographer and passionate outdoorsman with a love for capturing the environment around me. My home base is Madison, Wisconsin, but I’ve created content for brands and people all over the country.

My passion is working with enthusiasts - mostly outdoors - meeting new people and capturing their stories. When every action in someone’s life is based around the obsession to their craft, enthusiasts often tell the best stories. I’m here to capture those moments, help turn others into enthusiasts, and educate someone on a new topic they might know nothing about through my photography. With a Photojournalism Degree, I bring story telling into every image I create, seamlessly turning a simple photoshoot into a captivating piece of content.

Outside of photography I have 7+ years in Digital Marketing work, most recently as Director of Social Marketing for The Motor Trend Group. After shooting part time to concentrate on Digital for a few years, I’m back creating images full time again. My unique background lends perfectly to working with brands / agencies as I know where and how photos need to look to be best used in todays digital world. My content production company, It’s Yup Media, has worked with brands like Alta Motors, JetBlue, Intel, Kelly Moss Road & Race, Wisconsin Brewing Company, and Meemic Insurance creating assets for social, digital and print.

Want to chat, have a potential image idea, or just want to go ride bikes? Click the button below to send me an email, or you can just use Thanks!