Rapha Women's Prestige

123 Ladies | 123 Miles | 13,000 ft of Climbing

It was the middle of lunch when my phone rang and Emily Dutton’s, Global Women’s Marketing Manager @ Trek Bikes, name appeared on my lock screen. I answered with excitement (spoiler alert, we’re friends IRL) hoping she had something cool for me, and what she had was cooler than cool. Emily asked if I wanted to shoot the Rapha Women’s Prestige ride in San Francisco for a feature that would appear both in the Trek Brand Book Issue 1 and the Trek Women’s Ride Guide. I knew the history of Rapha Prestige rides, how hard they were, and the epic locations they went through and this one was no different. The women who all participated and especially the Trek crew pushed through some of the most beautiful, and at times, technical terrain I’d ever seen. I’ll never forget this day and the ladies I got to see push themselves to the limit. It’s absolutely inspiring to say the least. Here are a few snaps plus some of what the story looked like in print.