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Meet Marlow & Benji

DREAM: Dogs Rule Everything Around Me

Just over 4 years ago Lauren and I made a decision (Ok…technically she made the decision as we were not living together yet) to get a dog. Our goal was to rescue a puppy and bring them into a loving, caring home as we both grew up with dogs, and we did just that with Marlow.

Marlow was left in a cardboard box outside of a fire station with only her and her brother alive out of the small litter. A local kill shelter in Tennessee picked the animals up and Wilson Animal Rescue saved Marlow’s (and hundreds of other dogs) life from there. Once saved the Wilson Animal Rescue uses a network of individuals to bring dogs back to health and place them with loving homes. After a few weeks of nursing for Marlow, we were finally able to take her home.

Fast-forward roughly 4 months later and we knew Marlow needed a buddy, so back to working with Wilson Animal Rescue we went! Not long after reaching out Benji came into their care, I immediately said yes, and Marlow gained a friend.

It’s been the best decision of our lives and Lauren and I try to take our dogs everywhere we can. We covered 8 states with these guys this summer, here are a couple images from that journey (and a photo from the short time Marlow was bigger than Benji as a puppy).