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#JetBlueForGood - Dominican Republic

#JetBlueForGood, helping dreams come true

Every year JetBlue works to help a community they serve in, aka they fly into, by supporting the community through their 3 corporate responsibility pillars; Community, Youth & Education, and Environment. Last year JetBlue helped local Houston schools affected by the massive 2017 floods by providing pop-up libraries in schools where books were damaged. I was happy to be along on this trip and be invited to come back for the 2018 trip too.

For 2018 JetBlue decided to help one of their largest non-stop flight destinations, the Dominican Republic. They partnered with local charities through the D.R. and not quite simply said, “Hey - How can we help?” and when they came back with a list, JetBlue delivered. During this trip JetBlue reconditioned Special Needs schools, create safe play places and helped build buoys for a small non-profit that keeps local reefs safe.

I was able to capture some of the excitement around this Week of Giving and came backed touched from the stories I heard and the smiles I witnessed.