cyclocross on film

Trek CX Cup: Fake Disposable Film Project

The Trek CX Cup, held in Waterloo Wisconsin behind Trek Bikes HQ, is one of 7 World Cup events and the first-ever to offer equal payout to the men’s and women’s fields.

Besides this really cool detail, Waterloo is a quick drive from Madison, WI where I reside. Plus - I worked at Trek as a Photo Intern and in the Marketing Department over 5 years ago, so it was a treat to be back for the first time since I left.

Knowing this event was more of a reunion with old friends and less of a bike race, I knew the stakes were low if I came back with zero photos. So I packed up my mirrorless crop camera (Canon M50), closed the rear preview screen, popped up the flash and shot from the hip. I wanted to be more connected with friends and less connected with the viewfinder. I treated this project much like someone years ago might have treated a disposable film camera and toned the photos to match the same vibe. I walked away feeling fulfilled both from shooting out of my ordinary technique, but also from connections with friends I haven’t seen in a while.

Overall, photos great or not, this event was a success in my book. Enjoy my friends riding bikes.