tour of california

Tour of California with Bontrager U23

Oh West, you’re beautiful.

On Stage 4 of the Tour of California I was given the unique opportunity to ride along in a race support car with none other than Axel Merckx - yes that Axel Merckx - behind the wheel. Let me start by saying he’s faster in this car than he is on a bike, and he’s FAST on a bike. I’ll also mention the thought of chasing the race in a support car sounds thrilling and full of photo oppertunities, but it’s actually the opposite. Majority of the time the racers are far ahead doing what they do best. But every now and again someone drops back to grab bottles for the team or we get to shoot ahead of other support cars to swap wheels or fix a malfunctioning bike. With that said, shooting gets pretty tough, but I was honored to be sitting in the passenger seat and enjoyed my time chatting with Axel and getting some behind-the-scenes info on how a professional road race goes down. I have a lot of appreciation for Axel and his work with U23 teams as well as professional cycling in general. Here are a few snaps from the passenger seat. Enjoy.